STARCANADA 2018 Industry Presentation : Testing Together: Get Your Software Team on the Same Page


Wednesday, October 17, 2018 - 10:15am to 11:15am

Testing Together: Get Your Software Team on the Same Page

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This talk will focus on the risks of separate Agile and testing teams, (illustrated by one team for instance using Jira, and another recording test cases and defects in ALM).

Whilst synchronization can work across teams, problems can emerge if test cases act as requirements but are not transparent to product owners or developers. Test cases can also become the de-facto “definition of done”, meaning sprints can run into challenges achieving their velocity.

-How to integrate testing teams to your SDLC (waterfall or Agile)
-Evaluation of different Testing tools and methods that work with the Atlassian Stack
-Discussions on how different teams can be supported by different testing tools

Joshua Shang

Blended Perspectives

Joshua Shang is a digital transformation expert with deep domain experience in implementing software for financial services & insurance institutions. With over 14 years in the consulting and software experience, Joshua has worked with different methodologies, tools and software technologies to deliver end products to clients.