STARCANADA 2018 Keynote : From a Testing Team to an Organization Quality Chain


Thursday, October 18, 2018 - 2:45pm to 3:45pm

From a Testing Team to an Organization Quality Chain

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Is testing a bottleneck in your company? Do you uncomfortably squeeze testing into projects? Can you show stakeholders how testing adds value? Sophie Benjamin has spent the last 15 years answering these questions, transforming testing into added value for projects, products, and companies. In this keynote, Sophie shares techniques for creating organizational value chains. Value chains are process models in which each step feeds the next therefore adding value to the product or service being created. Sophie shows how quality awareness at each step adds value, she will share examples of how a Quality Value Chain consciousness can be instilled into organizations, identifying stakeholders, and learning what they value. Sophie will share her approach that is adaptable and had success in agile, traditional, and hybrid software lifecycles. Join Sophie and learn how to become a powerful leader in the evolution of quality in your organization, move the burden of quality from being solely on the testing team shoulders to being assumed by the organization and project teams. Whether you treat software testing as a process step, an iteration task, or a way of life, Sophie will teach you how it remains a critical part of your quality value chain.

Sophie Benjamin

Once the one developer who didn’t like to do testing, Sophie Benjamin committed to making software testing a well-respected career path. Sophie has been working in the IT world for more than twenty-five years, acquiring strong experiences in managing all IT roles. She has devoted the last seven years to building and remodeling QA and test teams. Her experience focuses on positioning QA and test teams as a strategic component of a strong partnership within IT departments in order to contribute to the enterprise's objectives. Sophie created a team of QA specialists that is now recognized as an ISTQB platinum partner. She is currently the head of the QA department at Videotron, a Quebec leader in the telecom field.